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Meet an amazing ‘close-above’ aerial experience.

arc rising xs

Arc is an innovative new concept due for lift-off in 2024.

An elegant glass cabin lifts you high above a historic city, showing you the landmarks and revealing the many different stories that can only be seen from the air.

For new visitors it’s the perfect introduction to a city – an unmissable first-stop. But even when you know that city well, one flight is all you'll need for a completely fresh perspective.

Explore a city...

The best way to understand a city is from above – but not too far above. With an eye-level of 69 metres, Arc is designed to take passengers to exactly the right height for spotting clues below – and for learning why a city looks and behaves as it does.

The Arc aerial experience will be different to anything else you’ve encountered. Suspended between two slender carbon-fibre masts, you’re liberated from the ground below. Take a moment and breathe... you’re literally ‘above everything’.

...without spoiling that city.

Arc is designed for minimal impact on historic locations. Solar-powered and all-but silent, its tiny footprint, the size of two Minis, is perfect for sensitive historic sites.