Cities revealed


An amazing ‘close-above’ aerial experience.

arc rising xs

The word 'arc' means a curve, a story and a spark. 

Our invention, Arc, combines a graceful, sweeping movement over the city with stories of the city just below ... to create a spell-binding spark of inspiration.

After your welcome and immersive sound and light introduction, voyagers will be gently lifted aloft in Arc's elegant glass cabin.  Your navigator will guide the cabin to the top, reveal the whole panorama, descend and re-ascend, enhancing our natural ability to understand a cityscape through movement.

Every city is the culmination of stories ... stories of how the city began, what drove its development and what will influence its future.  A birds-eye view is the perfect way to show you the landmarks and reveal treasures that can only be seen from above.

For new visitors it’s the perfect introduction to a city – an unmissable first-stop. But even when you think you know the city well, each voyage will bring a completely fresh perspective.

Explore a city...

The best way to understand a city is from above – but not too far above. With an eye-level of 69 metres, Arc is designed to take passengers to exactly the right height for spotting clues below – and for learning why a city looks and behaves as it does.

Arc's aerial experience will be different to anything you’ve ever encountered. Securely suspended between two slender, super-strong carbon-fibre masts, you’re liberated from the ground below. Take a moment and breathe ... you’re literally ‘above everything’.

...without spoiling that city.

Arc is designed for minimal impact on historic locations. Solar-powered and all-but silent, its tiny footprint, the size of two Minis, is perfect for sensitive historic sites.